Spell Candles

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Ancestor Support Candle: Gain insight, reflect on memories and get help from loved ones crossed over. For more information on candle magic, visit here. Smells like lace doilies, church incense and whiskey. Contains: Frankincense & Myrrh (Spirit, The Divine), Bay Laurel (Communication)

Battle Hexes
Protect yourself before the Hex is cast, or break it after. Don't go down without a fight. Announce the desire, Light the candle. For more on Candle magic, go here.
Fig (magical potency), Bay Laurel (Successful Magic)
Tobacco (Banishing) Ginger (Hex Breaking)
Mahogany (Protection from Hexes) Birch Leaf (Protection)

Big Bad Be Gone Candle: Cleansing of people and places
With: Sandalwood (Spiritual Cleansing), Vanilla (Empowerment),
Lavender (Reveal Secrets), Cedar (Strength).

Conflict Resolution Candle:
With: Jasmine (Relieve Anxiety), Cinnamon (Action), 
Black Pepper (Clear Communication),Tonka (Love), Cedarwood (Protection)

Favors Owed Candle:
With Peppermint (Purification), Rosemary (Confidence in your magic), Sage(Prosperity), Ginger (Strength, Courage),  Ylang ylang (anti-anxiety).

The Good Neighbors: The Fae, Tuatha Dé Danann, Faeries.  The Good Neighbors have been written about as long as we have had the written word.  Offerings to Them have included berries, cream, butter, sweet cakes and more.  It is said if you can pick berries from a blackberry patch, one of your ancestors was likely fae. With bergamot for success, protective blackberry and raspberry, loving peony, sweet honeysuckle, and violet leaf for seeing The Good Neighbors. 

Gravy Train Candle: Wealth, Acclaim, Success!  All this and more.  Know your worth. You're no imposter, seize  your destiny! With: Orange, Basil, Fir, Tomato leaf, Lemon, Rosemary.

Hex The Patriarchy: Be yourself and curse the culture that makes you feel less. The wage gap, environmental destruction, abuse and more. Vetiver (Hexing), Wheatgrass (Spirits),Honey (Lasting Magic), Bamboo (Strength), Geranium (Focused Action), Sage (Wisdom)Patchouli (Remember the Dead), Oakmoss (Hexing)

The Other Side Candle
Smells like a walk through the rainforest. Speak your need, Light the candle.  For more on candle magic Click Here Oakmoss (Hex breaking), Bergamot(Success),
Mandarin (Protection Between Realms), Lemon (Calming, Mental Clarity),
Iris (projecting love), Jasmine (Spiritual Connection), Patchouli (Remember the Dead), Oakwood (Protection)


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