Litha Tea

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Announcing the Sabbat Teas!

Litha- Celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the fire of the First day of Summer with this Pomegranate, Cinnamon and Ginger blend.  Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher.

Tasting notes: Fiery cinnamon and ginger brightened by a kiss of Persephone's downfall, the juicy pomegranate. 

Blended with: Apple pieces, Rosehips, Hibiscus flowers, Ginger root, Cinnamon bark, Natural Pomegranate flavor, Orange peels, Raspberries, Rose petals

Suggested Brewing Time and Temperature: Warm the apples and ginger with water 210 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

Presented in a 6 fl oz tin roughly 14-15 cups of tea. Presented in a 16 fl oz tin, roughly 40 cups of tea depending on preparation strength.  Remember, don't try to make your tea stronger by steeping it longer, it'll get a bitter taste.  Instead, increase the amount of tea you're using.  Don't worry, you can always re-steep the leaves.  The general rule is a heaping teaspoon for each teacup you’re brewing.  If you’re using a larger mug, increase the tea too.

I really, really enjoy it. This is complex, fruity, with a slight ginger burn. It is NOT overly sweet, and I did not add honey...this is a solid tea that needs no augmentation. Color is appealing, as well. -Laura P.

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