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$ 100.00

Help your customers get to know Blackthorn's Botanicals!
Who knows our line up better than us? Let us help you by sending a selection of our most popular teas. It's an assortment of our Tarot line, Gods line, Astrology line, and Sabbat teas, with a few traditional recipes. Each flavor will come with its own bail jar that is good for about a year.

Selling a sample jar with each flavor means customers can experience the scents more readily (they don't usually open tins to look, so clear jars make it attractive to the eye.)

Getting Stuff Done Part One: These nuanced teas go far beyond the traditional 'money, protection, peace' etc. teas to provide a spectrum of support for a variety of modern day problems. 8 flavors, 8 sample jars, five tins each, $200 

Ancestor Support (Almond and Chestnut oolong)
Gravy Train (Lemon and Mint Mate)
The Other Side (Earl Grey Cream)
Big Bad Be Gone (a Caffeine free lemon, apricot and mango tea)
Conflict Resolution (balanced tea to kick your to-do list into high gear) 
Battle Hexes (make sure those nasty spells have no place to land with this green rooibos and pineapple blend)
Favors Owed (a chili lime green tea)
Hex the Patriarchy (Lemon/ginger black tea)


General Assortment: A sampling of our five most popular teas with their corresponding sample jar.  $100 plus shipping That's five flavors, five jars, four tins each. 

The assortment includes, White Witch it is based on the character from the Narnia Chronicles, it has a cream tea base for her white clothing, a dash of almond for her Turkish Delight and ginger for her sharp personality.  The most popular green teas is our Money Draw tea, that customers swear tastes like a certain Pebbled Fruity cereal. /wink All Seeing Eye is a great selling rooibos tea, it's a blend of nutty aromas that is popular with tea drinkers and coffee lovers alike. Our most popular tea is  Venus from our Planetary collection.  This Strawberry white tea tastes like jam, and with full leaves, it isn't bitter like bagged teas so you can use less sugar. Ancestor Support is our Oolong tea with a hint of ancient woods and salt. (Does not contain salt.) 


Wheel of the Year assortment: This is all 8 sabbats with corresponding sample jars. $500 That's 13 tins per flavor, 8 flavor options, 8 sample jars

 Since all of the Wheel of the Year teas are year round, customers don't have to miss out on their favorites because they have a craving out of season.  As shops we know that seasonal goods can sit around after the holy-tide.  Selling all 8 teas year round means that they don't hit the clearance rack and collect dust.  Craving peach in the snow?  

Beltane Tea (Jasmine Green Tea)
Imbolc Tea (Double bergamot Earl Grey black tea)
Lammas Tea (Peach Oolong)
Litha Tea (Pomegranate and Apple with spice)
Mabon Tea (Apple Cinnamon Spice Rooibos)
Ostara Tea (Lemon Poundcake flavored Rooibos)
Samhain (Spiced Apple Chai)
Yule Tea (Chocolate Chai)

Gods and Spirits assortment: Eleven deities to aid you in your work, eleven sample jars, six tins per flavor $300

The All-Father (Smoky Lapsang Souchong),
Apollo (Sunny Citrus Rooibos), 
Athena (Mint and Lemon for intelligence, Clove for Luck),
The Dagda (Black Tea with Almond and Rosemary), 
Diana (Creamy baked Pear flavored white tea),  
Freya (Mead and Apple flavored Rooibos), 
Hecate (Black tea with Almond and Lavender), 
The Morrigan (Battlefield Smoke and the sweetness of whiskey offerings), 
Persephone (Pomegranate and apples), 
Trouble Maker (Peppermint, Almond and Lavender),
 Zeus (Blackberry Sage Oolong). 


Planetary Tea Collection:  Bring the Energy of these Astrological bodies to your cup, anytime, or combat Retrogrades and keep moving forward. Seven teas, seven sample jars, 12 tins per flavor. $400

Jupiter (Mahogany black tea)
Mars (Spicy black tea)
Mercury (Green tea mellowed with lavender and mint)
Saturn (Elderberry, Pomegranate, Apple)
Sun - Fiery (Ginger peach black tea with the warmth of cinnamon)
The Moon (Jasmine Green Tea with lemon cream)
Venus (Strawberry Basil White tea)

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