Wholesale Inquiries

Blackthorn's Botanicals is proud to offer its teas on a wholesale basis to interested brick and mortar shops.  

Do you have any minimums for wholesale clients?

$100 is the minimum order not including shipping.  Shipping is weight dependent, the standard tin size weighs 2 oz for black tea.  Each tin of this size is $5 per tin.  Each flavor has its own corresponding glass jar so customers can flip open the lid, get a sense of the smell and see the full leaves of tea, rather than dust from a teabag. You can have as many flavors of tea as you like, and I’ve curated a selection of our most popular teas for our wholesale customer’s ease.

 Do you offer Net30/60 etc. billing?

Not at this time.

You'll get an email with tracking information as soon as it ships.   If this is for a special event and you'd like to get it by a certain date, message me and let me know and I'll do my level best.

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