Charitable Giving



These three teas are 100% charity driven.  We donate the pots, the labor, the labels, EVERYTHING. 

100% of gross proceeds go to the listed charities.

Cry on my Shoulder- All proceeds go to The National Bail Fund Network - Community Justice Exchange and The Innocence Project. 

Review: Cry On My Shoulder Tea – I love how well the chocolate notes are balanced in this tea. Absolutely do add a splash of creamer, because while it’s nice on it’s own, it does take on a comforting hot chocolate feel to it, that works for the intention mentioned in the description. Highly recommended for after-care when doing shadow work.- Rommy D.

Hex The Patriarchy- The Anti-Defamation League (Fighting Hate for Good) in the name of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  

Review: Another tea I bought simply because proceeds went to charity (and I love the name), it’s been my companion for phone banking and other activities. It’s a solid black tea with a nice tang and earthiness to it. Be mindful not to over steep or you’ll lose some of the nuances of the lemon. A bit of cream makes it a much mellower brew (and brings back the lemon if you were a little careless). -Rommy D.

SSDGM- benefits End the Backlog, by paying to clear out the backlog of untested r*pe kits in the United States.  You can donate to your state's stockpile or the national fund. 

Review: I confess to having no idea what the name of this tea refers too. I just saw it was for charity and has some of the flavors that my Darling Youngest is fond of. It turns out I’m quite fond of it too. I like the cream and berry combination in this. It makes a very nice after dinner tea. Pair it with a slice of poundcake or a shortbread cookie. -Rommy D.