Cry on My Shoulder

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Cry on my Shoulder Tea: This creamy chocolate chai tea will soothe your soul with maternal comfort. Dedicated to Mami Wata, this is a blend of Cream tea, and cacao nibs, with lavender and a pinch of salt for The Mother's tears. A tea for emotional and spiritual comfort, maternal love and wisdom of the ages. Brew a cup and tell Mama all about it. 

Mami Wata is a water spirit of African Traditional Religions.  It is said that she welcomes drowned men into her paradise. Annually the proceeds of Mami Wata are donated to the National Bail Fund charities as well as The Innocence project.

Tasting Notes:  Creamy chocolate and cream with Lavender, just a hint of cinnamon. 

Blended With: Black Tea, Cinnamon bark, Ginger Root, Cacao Nibs, Natural Cinnamon flavor, Natural Chocolate flavor, Natural Cream flavor, Lavender.

Suggested Brewing Time and Temperature: This black tea brews best between 195-210 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

 Presented in a 6 fl oz tin roughly 14-15 cups of tea. Presented in a 16 fl oz tin, roughly 40 cups of tea depending on preparation strength.  Remember, don't try to make your tea stronger by steeping it longer, it'll get a bitter taste.  Instead, increase the amount of tea you're using.  Don't worry, you can always resteep the leaves.  The general rule is a heaping teaspoon for each teacup you’re brewing.  If you’re using a larger mug, increase the tea too.



  Cry On My Shoulder Tea – I love how well the chocolate notes are balanced in this tea. Absolutely do add a splash of creamer, because while it’s nice on it’s own, it does take on a comforting hot chocolate feel to it, that works for the intention mentioned in the description. Highly recommended for after-care when doing shadow work.- Rommy D.

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