The Morrigan Tea

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The Morrigan-
    The Phantom Queen, shapeshifter, the patroness of magic, witches, night and revenge.  Embrace your magic! Enjoy the smoke from the field of battle, apple blossoms, ginger and a whispered memory of ginger and jasmine. 

Tasting Notes: warm black tea with red apples, molasses notes and smoke.  

Suggested Brewing Time and Temperature: This black tea brews best between 210 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

Presented in a 6 fl oz tin roughly 14-15 cups of tea. Presented in a 16 fl oz tin, roughly 40 cups of tea depending on preparation strength.  Remember, don't try to make your tea stronger by steeping it longer, it'll get a bitter taste.  Instead, increase the amount of tea you're using.  Don't worry, you can always resteep the leaves.  The general rule is a heaping teaspoon for each teacup you’re brewing.  If you’re using a larger mug, increase the tea too.


 “One whiff of this tea instantly transported me to the smoke of battle, the wet sweetness of a hillside at dawn, a crow flapping her wings over a field of flowers.
I was just mesmerized!” -Melissa D  

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