Money Draw Tea

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Money Draw Tea:
Let the warmth of Bergamot and Vanilla turn your mind toward your own prosperity and the sunshine of orange light your way to a prosperous future. This Earl Grey green tea blend gives you all the flavor King Midas could want. 

Tasting Notes: A crisp, fun, orange creamsicle flavor.

Blended with: Honeybush tea, Rooibos tea, Earl Grey Green Tea, Vanilla, Orange, Bergamot, Blue cornflowers
Presented in a 6 fl oz tin roughly 14-15 cups of tea. Presented in a 16 fl oz tin, roughly 40 cups of tea depending on preparation strength. 
"Let's talk about the fabulous Money Draw tea.... Soooo delish! It's a Bergamot base, so has strong orange notes - but this luscious blend is so complex! It's beautiful too with bright blue cornflowers peeking out from the rich goodness!! Every sip brings new aspects of the flavor! A complete & total experience: sight, aroma, taste, after-taste! One of my favs for sure!"
-Lori P.

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