Peaceful Home Tea

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Peaceful Home:

This comforting, caffeine free blend of vanilla, lavender and peppermint will help you focus on the path you need to get your house in order.  Bring peace back into your home with this comforting blend.  It’s your favorite cardigan with a hint of lavender. 

Tasting Notes: Gentle mint with hints of lavender and vanilla. 

Blended with Rooibos tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Natural Vanilla flavor, Lavender.  Presented in a 6 fl oz tin.  Roughly 14 cups of tea depending on preparation strength.

Presented in a 6 fl oz tin roughly 14-15 cups of tea. Presented in a 16 fl oz tin, roughly 40 cups of tea depending on preparation strength.

"Peaceful Home Tea: From the very first sniff I found this to be a very comforting tea. Maybe it was the smell of chamomile, which reminds me of my grandmother (she used to prescribe it to the family whenever they felt out of sorts). It pairs nicely with the mint, which helps with the feeling of calmness and without making feel like you want to fall asleep right away. The lavender in this is subtle. It's the last flavor to linger on the tongue, and even then it's quite light." -Rommy D.

"The "Peaceful Home' was simply a gorgeous experience! It tasted of mint and chocolate and a little lingering after taste of all things relaxing. Thanks Courtney for hosting the MAD Scientist tea party!" -Docta M.


"I just made a cup of the Peaceful Home tea & it completely helped relax and center me after a long and hectic day!" -Whitney P.

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